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About Shaneika Burchell-Kerr

"BE MORE, DO MORE, EARN MORE! If this is what your about then you are in good company.

My name is Shaneika Burchell-Kerr and I am the CEO & founder of Breakthrough to Entrepreneur. I am all about creating multiple streams of income. With my knowledge, experiences and success of selling physical products and creating digital courses online, I help entrepreneurs start, launch and build their own online businesses. 

Through my online programs, one on one coaching programs, and as an instructor in popular continuing education programs in New York & Connecticut, I have helped thousands of entrepreneurs start, launch and grow their online business selling physical products and digital courses online.  

My story began when I had my first child. I was forced to leave my daughter at a daycare and return back to work. I soon realize I was missing out on everything I was born to do as a mother. . I wanted nothing more than to be a part of every moment of her life. I never wanted to be deprived of the opportunity to attend all her school performances, trips, and parent-teachers meetings. My mindset completely changed and I wanted to be able to earn income on my own terms. The solution, was becoming an entrepreneur. I had no idea where to begin or what, to begin with.

So I did what I knew best. I prayed for a financial breakthrough. 

Then finally my prayers were answered in a unique way. I noticed my friends and family complimented me on my taste of fashion and my husband threatened to sell all my fancy jewelry if I don't sell them myself. 

So, I began. My first small business birthed from my very own home.  

My humble beginnings.

I started selling fashion jewelry and soon expanded to winter gears, handbags and clothing. In less than a year I had a fully stocked mobile boutique. Then I opened a storefront in Bronx, New York. I felt so accomplished. 

I was busier than a bee! It didn't take long for me to realize I was a slave to my business. Although I was generating income, I did not have the freedom I initially hoped for.

few years later, the birth of my son encouraged me to start a new journey. 

I went back to the drawing board. I discovered the power of social media and e-commerce and so I dived into the new age of having a successful e-commerce business. I made many mistakes along the way, lost a lot of money and invested endless hours just trying to figure things out on my own. 

It took me years to finally put the pieces of the puzzle together. I finally developed a complete system that would yield the results I needed to move my business into a new dimension.  This system highlighted the most important strategies to grow my business, then finally automating my entire business so that I could enjoy the freedom I desired.  

I started testing my system with multiple niches and different industries by teaching other moms like myself, through my online training course. The amazing results gave birth to Breakthrough to Entrepreneur (BTE) Academy.

It is because of these results why you are here today.

Not just to read my story but seeking a breakthrough for your business. 

You are in a good place and in great company. The resources provided here, I wish I had someone to provide them to me when I first started my business in 2011. My one entrepreneurial advice is to JUST START. Whether you are new to the internet world, looking to transition your product or package your knowledge online, my training program will meet you where you are. 

Everything I teach, I have tested myself.

Quit trying to figure things out on your own, wasting money, and time and getting headaches from all the information overload out there (like I did). All you need is a proven system and great support. Check out my courses, programs and e-books here


If you are looking to sell physical products online, package your knowledge in a digital course online, or have as much as a business idea, I would like to connect with you. Please schedule an appointment with me here so we can discuss your business goals to see if we are a good fit for you. You may also send me a whatsapp message at 860-835-3684/347-575-8654.

I look forward to welcoming you in one of our programs.